The Andrew Thelston Band has been stunning audiences in the WNC region (and beyond) for 5 years. Frontman Thelston is the creative force, bringing high-energy, funk-infused original rock n’ roll that draws influence from Prince, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Led Zeppelin, and Queen. Thelston is widely known for his guitar virtuosity and soaring vocals. Bassist Roddy Wilder and drummer Jeff Lott create a rock solid rhythm for Thelston’s guitar and vocals. Singer-songwriter/keyboardist Carrie Morrison fills out the band’s sound with powerhouse vocals and technical prowess. In 2019, Thelston’s original music was featured on the hit Netflix show “Lucifer.” In 2022, Thelston was voted one of the top guitarists in Asheville’s Best of WNC competition by Mountain Xpress, while the band was voted 2nd favorite rock band. 

“Guitar-heavy rock that takes in late 1960s psychedelia, blues influenced solos, and occasional nods to acoustic folk, all tied together by Thelston’s earnest, emotional vocals”-Greenville Journal

“In terms of musical ambassadors within the melodic melting pot of a scene that is Western North Carolina, you’d be hard-pressed to find an artist as dedicated and inclusive as that of Andrew Thelston.”- Garret K. Woodard Smoky Mountain News

“Andrew Thelston Band is a force to be reckoned with”- Alex Deutsch: WNC Original Music Podcast

“I can’t wait to hear more from such a talented artist. The future of Andrew Thelston is looking bright”-LOCAL LIVE Magazine

 “Andrew Thelston is one of the hardest working, talented and intelligent artists in the Asheville area”-LSTNIN